Board Management Software for Nonprofits

Board management software (also called a board portal) is a complete tool to manage key aspects of governance for boards. It helps streamline the preparation of meetings and also reduces paperwork for board members and administrative staff. In addition, it also aids collaboration and communication among the team.

A watertight strategy for managing the board is essential to a non-profit’s success. A well-designed and implemented board governance framework will also allow you to maximize resources and stretch budget dollars to help more people.

For instance an implementation of a paperless-board system reduces the time required to prepare meeting materials and eliminates need to photocopy. Instead, all of the meeting materials are delivered in digital format and can be accessed from any device, which allows for more efficient and speedier meetings. This also helps to save cost and reduce environmental impact.

Another crucial aspect to consider is how intuitive and user-friendly the software for managing boards is to use. You don’t want new board members to have a hard working with the software or to reveal sensitive data because of simple mistakes or a lack of education. You should choose an application that provides induction training and assistance from a customer service representative to answer any questions.

A quality board management system should have a document center that can store meeting materials and allow for easy access for each member. It should also have dynamic agenda-building tools that can easily be adjusted for every meeting, and the ability embed documents that are referenced. This will allow the board to modify materials for meetings easily and improve their collaboration.

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