Board Management Software for Nonprofits


Board Management Software enables nonprofit stakeholders to work more efficiently and to be more productive. This is particularly applicable to boards of directors, where streamlined meetings, better governance and more effective decision-making are the primary advantages.

A robust board portal gives easy access to crucial information, without the necessity of email (which can be unsecured) or documents on paper that are easily lost. Documents can be accessed from tablets, desktops or mobile devices. Meetings are more efficient when they have integrated video conferencing, easy scheduling and automated notifications. With a variety of features, minutes can be created and ratified instantly. This results in savings in time and money for both board members and administrators.

Non-profit stakeholders can extend their use of the board management software beyond the board committees, with working groups also benefiting from enhanced efficiency. This is made easy with the assistance of a solution partner who will assist with group management and creating how-to guides and other support materials.

It is crucial to carefully examine your needs prior buying the right tool. It is crucial to analyze the entire process of establishing a board and pinpoint the issues. Evaluate all the possibilities and select a solution that will grow to meet your needs, providing more features as your requirements change. Avoid a ‘one size does all approach to software which may prove costly in the long in the long run. Be wary of free software for board management because it may not provide the security necessary to stand up to hacking or phishing attacks.

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