How to Fix Blue Screen of Death BSoD Errors in Windows

But we have discussed those who are more likely to cause death to your PC and how to resolve them. This can happen when you install new hardware or driver. The INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP appears during program installation. Many users find Microsoft’s blue screen of death is changing to black in Windows 11 in the middle of 2021. Why is Microsoft changing its famous Blue Screen of Death to black in Windows 11? One of the main reasons is to cater for its new black logon and shutdown screens. Except for the color, there’s no difference between the new black screen and the previous BSOD.

  • It is arranged in a hierarchical order to retrieve data whenever needed and used in the system wing32.dll.
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  • Hardware issues– Faulty hardware in your PC could be triggering your blue screens.
  • Insert the Windows DVD in the disc trayDo not boot from the DVD at boot.
  • The Registry provides a centralized method of storing custom preferences for each Windows user, rather than storing them as individual .INI files.

So, it covers every part of your operating system that has to do with your registry system. However, despite it being under your control, your OS can start running inefficiently. When this happens, getting flustered, throwing tantrums, or even getting a new PC are not sustainable solutions.

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In View update history, it will list Feature Updates, Quality Updates and Driver Updates, etc. that had been installed in your computer. You can view update history to check recently installed updated items.

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The kernel, device drivers, services, Security Accounts Manager, and user interfaces can all use the registry. The registry also allows access to counters for profiling system performance. You may need to use the Windows registry to fix performance issues, like if your computer keeps crashing. Or, you might want to edit the registry to change parts of your user experience, like your desktop settings. Sometimes, items in your registry might be broken, in which case you should use a registry cleaner from a trusted software provider. Whenever you install software, updates or make configuration changes, it’s common for Windows to need a reboot.

Windows 3.11

Policy may be applied locally to a single computer using gpedit.msc, or to multiple users and/or computers in a domain using gpmc.msc. Through its scope a policy defines which machines and/or users the policy is to be applied to.

How does the Windows registry work?

Unfortunately, there’s no opportunity to save your work, so a Blue Screen often involves losing data. This can often happen when an update for a component isn’t interacting properly with the rest of Windows. You may need to roll back a driver update that was just recently installed.