What Is Software Development?


If you shop on your favorite online store you can swipe right into your dating app, or check the weather forecast on your smartwatch, you’re interfacing with software created by someone else. Software development is the creation of software. It includes everything from constructing an image using a modeling tool, to coding it using programming language. It also includes testing with pre-planned scenarios, and deploying the product for use.

The technology is rapidly evolving and the demand for skilled software developers doesn’t appear to be slowing down. With the growth of machine learning, the internet of things, and autonomous cars and other technologies, software engineers are using automation and other advanced methods to cut down on the time spent on coding. To continue developing useful software, they must be aware of the latest security challenges and user requirements.

Software engineering is a diversified field with applications in every industry. Developers have designed systems for e-commerce and meteorology, human resources and energy. They also created systems to assist retailers file their paperwork and locate jobs.

An ideal place to begin building your software development skills is through a degree program which focuses on this specific area of engineering. You can earn a degree in software engineering or computer science, or in information technology. You could also earn a professional certification, such as Coursera’s Meta iOS Developer Professional Certificate and develop the tech capabilities that are in high demand. With the right training you will be an integral part of your company’s digital infrastructure.

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